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Choose The Prue Law group when you need divorce lawyers Canterbury CT. Are you ready to divorce yourself from your spouse? If so, there are several important questions that to evaluate before leaving your spouse. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has my will redraft been completed?
  • Did I update my Power of Attorney and health care forms?
  • Have my minor children been designated a guardian?
  • Did I update my annuities, life insurance policies, and 401ks?
  • Have I named new beneficiaries for my assets?

It is important to remember that divorce affects way more than just your marital status. If you and your spouse are separating but have minor children, you owe it to them to come to an agreement on their protection. Connecticut State law states that divorce proceedings may invalidate an existing will or previous estate plan. Do not let this statute put you in a situation that has dire consequences.

When you draft your estate plan and will before you finalize your divorce, you will avoid many issues concerning assets, personal property, inheritance, and life insurance. It is imperative that you update your Power of Attorney immediately to ensure that your soon-to-be-ex-spouse does not have the ability to make decisions pertaining to your health care. Did you know that you may also need to address your mortgage and change the deed to your home? The expert legal team at The Prue Law Group will work to ensure that you have all of your bases covered when preparing for a divorce.

You have made the exceedingly difficult decision to divorce your spouse, let The Prue Law Group guide you through this emotional time. There are many questions that you need to consider, beyond just deciding to leave. When legal matters…call The Prue Law Group at (860) 423-9231 today to speak with our expert legal team.


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