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Contact The Prue Law Group when you need experienced lawyers Manchester CT. The Prue Law Group provides a host of legal services to individuals and businesses. The team at the Prue Law Group understands how important it is for clients to feel comfortable when they look for lawyers. By starting on the right foot, clients can be assured that they will get the help that they need when needed most.

Law Services We Offer

Divorce and Family Law   –  The Prue Law Group offers legal guidance and assistance in matters related to family law. This includes custody disputes, child support, spousal maintenance (divorce), visitation rights and adoption. The law firm also provides assistance with international adoptions and U.S. immigration matters for children adopted from foreign countries by U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, they can assist you with probate matters when someone dies without leaving a will behind, or an heir to their estate has not been found after the death of the person who died intestate (without a will).

Business and Corporate Law  –  Among other law services, The Prue Law Group specializes in providing legal services to corporations. They specialize in business, corporate, and commercial law. Due to our competitive pricing and excellent service, we are a top choice among all types of businesses in Connecticut.

In addition to matters pertaining to family law, business, corporate, and commercial law, The Prue Law Group’s team can also help you deal with litigation and bankruptcy-related issues. Whether you need help with family law or estate planning, we have got you covered.  To meet with the professional attorneys and paralegals at The Prue Law Group, P.C., call (860) 423-9231 today.


Lawyers – Manchester CT – The Prue Law Group, P.C.