The Prue Law Group P.C. has a well-earned reputation throughout the state for our high quality of service in the fields of Title XIX (19) and Elder Law. In addition to drafting your estate planning documents, The staff at The Prue Law Group, P.C. is well versed in developing estate plans specifically to meet the needs of our elderly clients and their families with the goal to reduce the stress families encounter during these times.

The Prue Law Group, P.C. provides guidance for Conservatorships as well. We can assist you in making applications for Conservatorships both of the Person and/or Estate should the need arise. We will prepare all the court documentation, attend the court hearings and assist in drafting the inventory and other papers requested by the court.

The Prue Law Group, P.C. can also help you apply for Title 19.


Our Title XIX Services Include:

•   Helping clients plan and prepare for their applications

•   Drafting Title 19 applications

•   Facilitating approval of applications and acceptance of our clients into the Title 19 Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Title 19 Questions

Is it Difficult to Apply by Myself?
The state is extremely vigilant about the application process, and one small error can lead to a denial of your Title 19 application. The Title XIX guidelines are extensive and the regulations are numerous. The “do it yourself” method is very time-consuming, confusing, incredibly stressful, and all too often ends with negative results. The entire process can take several weeks to months from the initial meeting, to document collection, to finally filing the application for Title XIX with the state for review. A well-drafted and complete application will expedite the process the first time around.

What is “Spend Down”?
“Spend down” describes the process by which your assets are reduced to the level required to be accepted into the Title 19 program. If you hire an attorney to handle your Title 19 application, your legal fees and other costs are essentially “free,” as these costs are allowed as part of the spend down. Smart and proper planning can identify both the accepted expenses and benefit your family at the same time.

Can I Receive Assistance at Home?
Yes, you can receive assistance at home through Title 19 assistance. The State of Connecticut provides for persons to stay at home while still qualifying for various forms of state and federal assistance programs. The State of Connecticut recognizes not only that it is highly beneficial for someone to age in their own home, but it is also substantially less costly for the state.

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