Olivia R. Perry, Esq.

Olivia R. Perry, ESQ.

Estate Planning

Business and Corporate Law

Real Estate Law

Intellectual Property

Email : olivia@pruelawgroup.com

The Prue Law Group is pleased to welcome Attorney Olivia R. Perry to our legal family. From the first day, it was apparent that Attorney Perry was at home. She settled into her office and immediately began reviewing files. Her primary area of concentration will be Estate Planning, as well as Business and Corporate Law and Real Estate. Olivia is our “go-to” person for all our clients regarding Intellectual property issues.

Attorney Perry obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut School of Law, with an additional certificate in Intellectual Property. She is licensed to practice here in the State of Connecticut. The law always has been a major interest for Olivia. Her undergraduate degree came from Indiana University, with majors in Marketing and Law, Ethics & Decision-Making.

Olivia grew up in Indiana, but she always had a desire to move east, somewhere along the coast. Being from Indiana she did enjoy the change of seasons, the colors of the Fall leaves and the snows of Winter. Her love of the ocean had her searching for law schools where she could experience all those things. Luckily the University of Connecticut checked all the boxes.

In her spare time, Olivia loves to bake, especially breads. She keeps a sourdough starter at the ready for when the need arises for fresh baked bread. And when she isnt baking, one finds her drawing and painting on canvas. She enjoys sharing her creations with friends and family.