Estate Planning Andover CT

Estate Planning Andover CT

Estate Planning Andover CT

You can trust The Prue Law Group for estate planning in Andover CT.  In your journey through adulthood, there’s one essential task that deserves your early attention: drafting a will. At The Prue Law Group, P.C., we understand the significance of this step and are here to guide you. We’re committed to addressing your concerns about your assets and your heirs’ futures. Our dedicated team of attorneys and paralegals are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Our Services in a Nutshell:

Drafting, Updating, and Revoking Wills: Crafting a will is the foundation of your estate plan. We’ll help you create, modify, or revoke your will to align with your evolving needs.

Evaluating Tax Ramifications and Changes in Tax Laws: Tax laws are ever-changing. We keep a close eye on these shifts and ensure your estate plan is tax-efficient.

Trust Creation (Living & Testamentary): Trusts can offer significant benefits in protecting your assets and ensuring their smooth transition to your beneficiaries.

Living Wills & Health Care Agents: Plan for your healthcare decisions in advance. Ask about living wills and designating trusted healthcare agents to carry out your wishes.

Conservatorships: We assist in establishing conservatorships to protect vulnerable family members who may require legal guardianship.

Title 19 Eligibility Preparation: Navigating Title 19 eligibility can be complex. Let us guide you through the process to secure the care you need.

Powers of Attorney: Prepare for unforeseen circumstances by designating powers of attorney to act on your behalf.

Business Asset Protection and Designation: Protect your business assets and ensure a seamless transition to your chosen recipient with our estate planning strategies.

At The Prue Law Group, P.C., we’ve been serving our valued clients with comprehensive legal services since 1980. When it comes to legal matters, you can trust our dedication. Reach out to one of our legal professionals today at  (860) 423-9231. Your estate planning journey begins here.

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