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Looking for personal injury attorneys in Tolland County, CT? If so, call Attorney Evelina M. Ruszkowski at The Prue Law Group today. The Prue Law Group has convenient office locations in downtown Willimantic, CT, and Brooklyn, CT. If you have been injured and need legal advice, then our lawyers will fight for the equitable compensation you deserve. We are the legal team you can trust with your personal injury case. Rest assured, our staff handles cases in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Well-versed in personal injury law, Attorney Ruszkowski’s background includes Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work Related Incidents, Defective Products, Professional Malpractice, and Negligent Maintenance of Property. Learn more about Attorney Ruszkowski here.

What Happens After An Injury Occurs?

After your injury, you may be approached by an insurance agency. The Insurance Company wants to give you a settlement to prevent going to court. Moreover, be aware that the insurance company is looking out for their best interest, not yours. Before accepting any settlement, call The Prue Law Group to have a professional review your case. Personal injury law allows a person to go to civil court and get compensation for all losses stemming from an accident. There is a two-year lawsuit filing deadline in Connecticut. In instances where your injuries require medical treatments and time lost from work, it is vital to keep good records.


To conclude, no matter what type of personal injury you endured in the Tolland County area, call Attorney Evelina Ruszkowski.  She will thoroughly review the details of your case and explain your rights. Finally, the legal team at The Prue Law Group, P.C. will complete a professional investigation, so they can obtain necessary police reports, connect with medical providers, assess damages, and always be your advocate, whether or not your case goes to court. The Prue Law Group works hard to provide the most cost-effective and efficient legal services in the region.

Attorney Evelina Ruszkowski

Furthermore, attorney Evelina Ruszkowski is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, School of Law. What’s more, she holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, and a minor in Business from the University of Rhode Island. Professionally, she worked as a paralegal in a firm in downtown Providence, Rhode Island for over five years dealing with many personal injury cases.  Professional Profile Attorney Ruszkowski. If you have been injured and have questions about your case, then make sure to call Attorney Evelina Ruszkowski at (860) 423-9231. Lastly, when Legal Matters, Call The Prue Law Group, P.C. with over 35 years of professional service in Tolland County.


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Power of Attorney Tolland County
For issues concerning power of attorney Tolland County, please contact The Prue Law Group, P.C. As a prominent eastern Connecticut law firm, our attorneys and legal assistants are skilled in all aspects of estate planning. Powers of attorney are an important part of an estate plan. A power of attorney is a legal document where you name someone you trust to act on your behalf. This designated agent makes decisions and will carry transactions when you are unable.

Naming your own agent and assigning power of attorney will assure that your business, finances and legal transactions are conducted for you. Your agent would also make medical decisions on your behalf, according to your wishes. Social and travel restrictions since Covid-19 has altered our daily routines. The elderly in particular are now avoiding public interaction. Bill paying and banking, and out of state transactions are now complicated. Additionally, an injury, accident, illness or stroke would render you unable do simple tasks. Your agent would be able to pay your bills, go to your bank, or complete legal transactions for you.


Your Power of Attorney Will Speak for You and the Person you Designate Will Act for You.

Consult the attorneys at The Prue Law Group when you want to define future medical directives and designate an agent who will represent you. You may be familiar with the health care power of attorney. A health care power of attorney grants your agent authority to make medical decisions for when unconscious, mentally incompetent, or otherwise unable to make decisions. The Prue Law Group  attorneys and paralegals answer questions about the powers being granted, and provide counsel on your candidate agent. We will make sure your document meets all legal requirements.


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For your peace of mind, consult with our knowledgeable legal team at The Prue Law Group. It is never the wrong time to be fully prepared for whatever can happen in the future. When you want to prepare for life’s unexpected setbacks, give the office a call. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals work closely with you in drafting the power of attorney document that best fits your life situation. When Legal Matters, call today: 860-423-9231.


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Estate Planning Lawyers - Tolland County
Contact The Prue Law Group in eastern CT for estate planning lawyers Tolland County, for matters concerning wills and wealth protection. Attorney Patrick M. Prue has decades of experience in all legal matters encompassing estate planning. This includes wills, creation of trusts, drafting powers of attorney, and preparing for Title 19 eligibility. The group will also assign conservatorships and prepare living wills and advanced health care directives.

Estate plans are as individual as each family is. Create a plan to determine what happens to your property upon your death. Find out how your heirs can avoid probate and or minimize or eliminate estate taxes. It is especially important to spell out future health directives as part of your estate plan.  Failure to formulate an estate plan for your heirs may result in significant loss due to taxes and probate costs. Preparing for late-life health care needs protects your estate and assets against unnecessary loss. It is through the process of estate planning whereby you can protect your rights as a patient, and assure your personal dignity in a medical emergency. When Legal Matters, call The Prue Law Group.

Don’t Delay – Call Today

Achieve the peace of mind that comes with advance planning for your loved ones. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals work closely with our clients. Talk to The Prue Law Group about making an estate plan. The financial well-being of your family may depend upon it. Call today: 860-423-9231.


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Title 19 & Elder Care Lawyers - Tolland County
The Prue Law Group, P.C. are experienced Title 19 & Elder Care Lawyers Tolland County. As Eastern Connecticut’s top law firm, we handle important elder law issues, both legal and financial. An Elder Care Lawyer prepares clients for end of life scenarios that may arise. With the assistance of The Prue Law Group, you can plan for long-term services and supports should you become unable to care for yourself due to physical and/or mental health conditions.

Preparing for an extended stay in a nursing home can evaporate your life savings in a short time. Connecticut Title 19 is a safety net for just such situations. Qualifying for Title 19 takes planning. To obtain Title 19, one must go through a lengthy application process. At The Prue Law Group, we help you understand the process and help you qualify for benefits. As Elder Care attorneys, we are often sought after to help clients apply for Title 19. Meet with The Prue Law Group for guidance in applying for Title 19.


The Prue Law Group is a trusted local firm that can help in all areas of elder law. The cost of an extended stay in a nursing home is out of reach for the average family. The unprepared are forced to spend their life savings on end of life care. When you find that Medicare and private insurance do not support the long term services and supports you need for every day life, your only recourse may be CT Title 19. However, that will take some advance planning and asset management. What you do not know about long term care can evaporate your nest egg unless you prepare. The Prue Law Group will unravel the confusion associated with qualifying for benefits.  When you have questions about estate management or power of attorney, call the elder care lawyers at The Prue Law Group today.  (860) 423-9231.

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