Power of Attorney Tolland County

Power of Attorney Tolland County
For issues concerning power of attorney Tolland County, please contact The Prue Law Group, P.C. As a prominent eastern Connecticut law firm, our attorneys and legal assistants are skilled in all aspects of estate planning. Powers of attorney are an important part of an estate plan. A power of attorney is a legal document where you name someone you trust to act on your behalf. This designated agent makes decisions and will carry transactions when you are unable.

Naming your own agent and assigning power of attorney will assure that your business, finances and legal transactions are conducted for you. Your agent would also make medical decisions on your behalf, according to your wishes. Social and travel restrictions since Covid-19 has altered our daily routines. The elderly in particular are now avoiding public interaction. Bill paying and banking, and out of state transactions are now complicated. Additionally, an injury, accident, illness or stroke would render you unable do simple tasks. Your agent would be able to pay your bills, go to your bank, or complete legal transactions for you.


Your Power of Attorney Will Speak for You and the Person you Designate Will Act for You.

Consult the attorneys at The Prue Law Group when you want to define future medical directives and designate an agent who will represent you. You may be familiar with the health care power of attorney. A health care power of attorney grants your agent authority to make medical decisions for when unconscious, mentally incompetent, or otherwise unable to make decisions. The Prue Law Group  attorneys and paralegals answer questions about the powers being granted, and provide counsel on your candidate agent. We will make sure your document meets all legal requirements.


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For your peace of mind, consult with our knowledgeable legal team at The Prue Law Group. It is never the wrong time to be fully prepared for whatever can happen in the future. When you want to prepare for life’s unexpected setbacks, give the office a call. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals work closely with you in drafting the power of attorney document that best fits your life situation. When Legal Matters, call today: 860-423-9231.


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