Estate Planning in East Windsor, CT

Most people seem to spend more time picking a restaurant for dinner, purchasing a car, or arranging a vacation than they do deciding who will inherit their belongings once they pass away. Now we know that it may not be as exciting as reading restaurant reviews or planning a vacation, but trust us when we tell you that without proper estate planning, you won’t be able to decide who inherits everything you’ve worked so hard for.

You must understand that the wealthy aren’t the only ones who benefit from Estate Planning in East Windsor, CT. Everyone can drive benefits from having an estate plan, regardless of their financial situation or age, given they have assets to leave and someone to leave them to. Even if you don’t have a state-of-the-art property, a large IRA, or precious art to pass on, finalizing your affairs after you leave this world could have a costly and long-lasting impact on your loved ones if you don’t have a plan in place.

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Your estate is essentially everything you own, including your personal goods, furniture, life insurance, investments, bank accounts, car, home, or other property. An estate plan allows you to direct how those items are distributed to persons you care about. It organizes your affairs and records your wishes and aspirations in writing. It specifies how you want your financial assets, cash, possessions, and personal property dispersed.

If you don’t have a thorough estate plan while you’re still alive and able, state law and probate courts will only do so after you’ve passed away. And the outcomes may not represent your preferences or meet the demands of your family.

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