The Prue Law Group – Elderly Lawyers, Norwich CT

If you’re looking for Elderly Lawyers in Norwich, CT, look no farther than The Prue Law Group. Attorneys who specialize in elder law represent the aged and their families. Most elder law practitioners deal with a wide range of legal issues that affect the elderly or disabled, such as Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, retirement, guardianship, long-term care planning, and health care.

The care your one receives at their old age becomes increasingly crucial as they get older. At some point, it becomes necessary to make plans for the future to ensure that your wants and desires are realized.

Asset planning can be intimidating, whether you have a large business and a lot of assets or a small bank account. An elder law lawyer in Norwich, CT, entails much more than just writing a will, though it is often the first step. IRAs, annuities, the financial management of life insurance policies, advance medical directives, guardianships trusts, wills, etc., are some of the things that an elder law attorney specializing in estate planning can help you with.

Regardless of economic wealth or age, everyone should manage their assets. If you don’t have an estate plan in place, your loved ones may face a great deal of stress and expense after you pass away. That is why it is critical to engage with an elder law attorney in Norwich, CT, who can assist you in drafting a will and other paperwork to guarantee that your intentions are carried out.

Elder law lawyers are “specialists” in many ways because they focus on the requirements of older people, which are frequently different and more specialized than those of younger people. They can take care of not only critical financial and estate planning issues but also day-to-day issues affecting senior care, such as life planning and assisted living.