Title 19 FAQs

At the Prue Law Group, one of the most common reasons why clients come in is to discuss Title XIX (19) application. Unlike divorces,
personal injury cases, and estate planning, many people know little to nothing about what Title 19 is or what an application entails. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients about Title 19.

What is Title 19 (Medicaid)?

The Social Security Act of 1935 was created in order to promise provisions for various people in need. Title XIX of this Social Security Act
(also known as Medicaid) is a medical assistance program administered by individual states in compliance with federal regulations. Title 19 covers the cost of convalescent home care and long-term medical needs when an individual is no longer able to. Variations of the program are also available to keep people in their home while providing the care and assistance necessary.

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When Should I Begin the Application Process?

The Prue Law Group has over thirty-five years of experience in elder law and Title 19 applications. Based on our experience, we can say with quite a bit of certainty that, when it comes to Title 19 application, we suggest you begin the process at least 3 months before you plan on submitting the application. This amount of time allows you to compile the information and documents that you will need in order to apply for Title 19, and you will reduce the chance that your application is denied.

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Is Applying Difficult?

Yes, it is very difficult to apply for Title 19. The guidelines for Title 19 are extensive, and the regulations are numerous. From our 35 plus years of experience in Connecticut, The State of Connecticut is extremely vigilant, and one small error can lead to denial of your application. Take our word for it, you don’t want to compound one problem by creating another. Always seek professional legal assistance for Title 19. It will save you time, not only during the application process, but it will also help ascertain the necessary care for you or your loved ones sooner!

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Do I Risk Losing All of My Hard-Earned Assets?

With proper planning before you file the application, it is often possible to save a large portion of your hard-earned assets. Several months before an application is submitted, you should develop a “spend down” plan. Such a plan is designed to take maximum advantage of the regulations to handle your assets wisely.

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Can I Stay Home and Still Receive Assistance?

In the State of Connecticut, the answer is yes! The State of Connecticut provides for persons to stay at home while still qualifying for various forms of state and federal assistance programs.

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If I Seek Legal Assistance, What Will the Cost Be?

Nothing. Your legal fees and other costs are essentially “free” because you are required to “spend down” assets to meet the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Your legal costs are allowed as part of the spend down!

Seeking professional legal guidance for Title 19 applications will cost you nothing. Not seeking legal guidance could cost you both money and time!

Do you still have questions or concerns about Title 19 and the application process? Feel free to call 1 (860) 423-9231 to speak with one of The Prue Law Group, P.C.’s legal professionals, or email info@pruelawgroup.com for further advice and assistance!