Elder Law Lawyers Putnam CT

Elder Law Lawyers Putnam CT
When you need Elder Law Lawyers Putnam CT, call the experienced legal team at The Prue Law Group, P.C. As Eastern Connecticut’s top law firm, we handle important elder care issues, both legal and financial. An Elder Care Lawyer prepares clients for end of life scenarios that may arise. Advancing age, declining health and accidents can impair us physically and mentally. When you can no longer accomplish your daily tasks or care for yourself, to whom do you turn? With the assistance of The Prue Law Group, you can plan for long-term services and supports should you become unable to care for yourself due to physical and/or mental health conditions.

Preparing for an extended stay in a nursing home can evaporate your life savings in a short time. Connecticut Title 19 is a safety net for just such situations. Qualifying for Title 19 takes planning. To obtain Title 19, one must go through a lengthy application process. At The Prue Law Group, we help you understand the process and help you qualify for benefits. As Elder Care attorneys, we are often sought after to help clients apply for Title 19. Meet with The Prue Law Group for guidance in applying for Title 19.


The Prue Law Group is a trusted local firm that can help in all areas of elder law. The cost of an extended stay in a nursing home is out of reach for the average family. The unprepared are forced to spend their life savings on end of life care. When you find that Medicare and private insurance do not support the long term services and supports you need for every day life, your only recourse may be CT Title 19. However, that will take some advance planning and asset management. What you do not know about long term care can evaporate your nest egg unless you prepare. The Prue Law Group will unravel the confusion associated with qualifying for benefits.  When you have questions about estate management or power of attorney, contact the elder care lawyers at The Prue Law Group today. When Legal Matters, call (860) 423-9231.


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